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Our 60th Birthday Party

We at DCRW would like to thank all those that worked so hard for our 60th anniversary party. It was a huge success. Here is a link to some of our pictures:


Want to know what the candidates believe in?

Come find out. Ask your questions and get answers. Wednesday, April 9, 6 pm at Philip S Miller Library in Castle Rock. Gubernatorial, US Senate and Congressional District 4 Candidates will be at your disposal. Click for more info.

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Donations to Douglas/Elbert Task Force

It’s that time again where DCRW would like to help those less fortunate so we collect donations for one of our local food
banks as part of our community outreach. Last year we donated to the Parker Task Force so this year we chose the Douglas/
Elbert Task Force. We will be collecting cash/checks and/or non-perishable food items at both the October and November
meetings and they will be taken to their Castle Rock location. Please be generous with your contributions!

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Many thanks to . . .

our own Dr. Debora Scheffel who gave a fantastic educational presentation to us at our first evening event on August 14th at the Castle Rock Library.  I think all of us left with information overload!  Deb is the District 6 Director on the CO State Board of Education and we are so fortunate to have such a brilliant and professional person on the SBE (and in DCRW!).   Her knowledge of the educational system in Colorado cannot be over-emphasized and I really doubt if there’s anyone more informed, pro-active, and such a hard worker as she is on the Board.  Deb brought great handouts of her Power-Point presentation and they will be available at the September meeting.   Thanks again, Deb, for a wonderful evening!

Agenda 21

Yes I Have An Agenda, But At Least I Admit It!
Do you really know what Agenda 21 is? Are you familiar with the term “sustainable development” or “smart growth?” When you hear the term UN, what is the first thought that comes to mind? I bet it’s not a pleasant thought.
Today I am going to educate you on Agenda 21. It is all about control - control of the world economy and simply, redistribution of wealth -- locally, nationally and globally. You are probably scratching your head now saying wow; she’s a “conspiracy theorist.” Well I assure you, I’m not. You know me better than that, but I certainly encourage you to do your homework and find out for yourself.
Let’s start with the basics so you can see what I’m talking about. The process utilized in Agenda 21 attempts to take resources away from citizens so they can’t use them anymore. Its ultimate goal is to set up a centralized economy to control the growth, size and location of populations. It wants to give complete authority to a world group so that food production, water and transportation can be controlled as well.

Bras and Brats 1 Week away!!!

Hurry and RSVP to for the first every Bras and Brats Picnic Service Project. We are collecting bras and donations to benefit our local women's shelters. Click here for more information.

Agenda 21

Thanks to Margo Knutson for sharing this very important document with us!  This is a “must read” so please go to this website and download the brochure and become informed and involved!  This concerns every American!

From Margo:  I wanted to send this email to you as soon as this document became available to me via another patriot friend.  Please review same and start to look for signs of "sustainable" development in your community.  On a much bigger scale, this is a power grab by the government of our property and ultimately gaining control of property rights.  I am asking our county commissioners to read this as well and if you don't live in DougCo but reside in another county, please forward to your commissioners and elected officials.     

Sharon Jones Passes Away

Dear DCRW Members,
As many of you may already know, our long-time member, Sharon Jones, passed away last night after her long struggle against cancer.   Sharon was such an inspiration to all of us with her positive attitude and good humor all through her trying times.  She was our former Douglas County Treasurer and served the County with expertise and professionalism from 2003 to 2010.  She also served as County Chief Treasurer, President of the Colorado County Treasurer's Association, State Director of the National Association of County Collectors, and was on the Board of Directors of the Surplus Asset Fund Trust.  Additionally, Sharon was very active along with a number of her sorority sisters in WomenAid of Douglas County.  Sharon always supported DCRW and the DCGOP in all our events and we will so miss seeing her smiling face.


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