President's Message November 2015

We have two special days this month to commemorate . . . Veterans Day on November 11th and Thanksgiving on November 26th.  First, Veterans’ Day is a solemn time for us to stop and remember and thank all of our military veterans who have served our great Country, both in peace and in war, past and present.  We all owe these veterans our very lives and the freedoms that we enjoy today.  They are all the real “heroes” that we can look up to and truly honor and thank for their service.  All gave some and some gave all!   May God Bless Them All!


Our second special day is Thanksgiving where we can gather with family and friends and give thanks for all the blessings that we have by living in America where we have the freedom, liberty, and opportunity to make the best possible lives for ourselves.  It has meant many things down through the years starting with the very first Thanksgiving but the bottom line is that we should give thanks for being able to live in the greatest country this world has ever known.  We all are truly blessed and, if you are a religious person, thank God for these United States of America!


I know that so many of us are disappointed in the results of the recent School Board election.  So much time, talent, and treasure were expended to keep our conservative Board Members in office.  It was difficult to compete against the Unions in this election and I think by the next time we have to start much, much earlier to get the job done and get our message out to the public.   I think there were many low-information voters who did not realize what they were voting for.  At least we still have a majority on the Board now but the 2017 election will be critical. We cannot lose that election!  Remember that we might have lost this battle but not the war!  Keep fighting as we have come too far to give up . . . our children are depending on us!


If you missed the October speaker, you missed out on a fantastic and informative presentation by Dr. Shaul Gabbay!   Don’t miss the November meeting as we will be hosting CO Secretary of State Wayne Williams.


I hope to see you all on November 18th!  Have a safe and Happy Veterans Day and Thanksgiving!


Yours in Freedom and Liberty,


Marsha  :)

Marsha Haeflein

DCRW President